Ms. Wilawan Paijitkanjanaku

Ms. Wilawan Paijitkanjanakul
Position : Cofounder & Financial Director
I am the youngest daughter of the family hence a nick name “Noi” which means tiny in Lanna dialect. I was born in 1957. I received a master degree in education from Chiang Mai University.  At Bua Bhat, I am responsible for all the money-related biz. Labor cost is undoubtedly the number 1 cost as our products are all made by hand. Each of our items is hand crafted with highest attention to detail while keeping in mind the quality and the aesthetics. Countless time consuming and labor intensive steps were dedicated into making them. I though we would cut out few steps just to save some time and cost, but it turn out that it was not the right solution to our challenge. Even cutting out the smallest step takes away our brand. Bua Bhat is what it is today because of these extra steps we take in to producing our products. But my mission is not over yet. I will keep researching ways we can reduce cost while maintaining our quality. You’ll see.