Care Instruction

General care and cleaning

The products of Bua Bhat are made of the same raw materials as your clothes, the care and clean  is as easy as take care of your clothes follow the below direction.

Avoid the direct sun
Most rugs or cushions will fade over time. To keep the products color bright for a long time consider avoiding placing them in direct sunlight.  Rotate your rugs once a year.

Vacuum Cleaning
For routine cleaning, use just the plain vacuum nozzle to clean the rug, cushion cover, seat cover and ball cover. High power vacuums will pull the long fibers out of the products.

Care your cushion cover, seat cover and ball cover.
Washing Instruction
The cushion covers, seat covers and ball covers were designed to be machine washable. Follow the instructions step by step:
1 Wash the covers separately or with similar colors only to prevent color transfer
2 Turn the covers inside out, pull the zipper half way to make sure they will not become turned inside out.

3 Use a normal detergent for clothes and no bleach.
4 Spin dry.
5 Turn them right side out and shake well before drying them on a line in the shade. If you use a drier then use a softener sheet
which is good for the fibers.
6 How to take off and set up the ball cover

Rug Care
Like other investment, if you take good care of your rug, it will last longer

Spot Clean
Tip  prevention is much easier and cheaper than fixing, so avoid getting them dirty if possible.  If not, follow these steps:
1 When your rug become stained remove moisture from the spill as quickly as possible with tissue paper or white cloth. Don’t let the dirt
get in to the rubber back if possible.
2 Do not rub as it will be harder to clean.
3 Use a clean wet tooth brush to scrub the stain gently little by little, protect the other part with a towel, to keep them from getting wet.
Use a detergent if needed and scrub with clean water again, then rinse the detergent out of the rug.
4 Mop the wet area with a dry towel and blow dry with a fan or blower, or set it in the sun until it completely dry

Rug Washing Instructions:
A small rug,  2’x3’ or less
A small rug that can be washed in a home washing machine.  The important thing is to spin it dry immediately after washing, then dry it in the sun on a sunny day. Do not dry it in the dryer as this can cause damage to the rug.

A large rug, 3’x5’or more 
Cleaning  a handmade rug is different from cleaning  a wall to wall carpet. Always use a professional cleaning expert. Inspect the rug with the cleaner before it is cleaned. Get a signed receipt and guarantee of work before the work is done.
1 Dry cleaning is the best for a Bua Bhat handmade rug
2 Washing is the other option for cleaning the rug if the shop has the right size   spinning machine or can dry it in the sun.  Do not use a
dryer as this can cause  damage to the rug.

We hope you enjoy our product, which is made with our hearts.