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Bua Bhat Team

Why is the name ‘Bua Bhat’?

According to Khun (Ms) Wilai, Managing Director and the Founder of Bua Bhat Factory, the name ‘Bua Bhat’ came from her mother’s name, which means ‘Sunflower’ in Northen Thai dialect.

The history of Bua Bhat can be traced back to when Khun Wilai was 15 years old.  She heard her father, Mr. Wong or Wong Yen Kong, told her mother that “I decide to name the family’s first store after you because I love you”.  The store’s name ‘Bua Bhat’ shows the deep affection between the couple.  Mr.Wong’s name ‘Yen Kong’ means ‘Sunlight’ and Khun Wilai’s mother’s name ‘Bua Bhat’ means ‘Sunflower’, therefore the factory’s name is the combination of this beloved couple.

That was the birth of Bua Bhat Panich on Chang Klan Road, which sale handicraft and traditional costume to tourists.  The name of the store was an epitome of their love.  This is the reason why Khun Wilai decided to keep this name, Bua Bhat.


Bua Bhat Family

Bua Bhat Factory was first built as an attempt to produce goods for Bua Bhat Panich, which was the store at night bazaar. Khun Wilai wanted to differentiate Bua That’s products to the market with its uniqueness by using the local wisdom and the technique from her father, Mr Wong, who worked as an instructor for the Ministry of Industry (Handicraft).

Bua Bhat Factory is located in Kor Sa Leum village, Buak Kang, in San Kamphaeng District, Chiang Mai. This area is known as one of the best handicraft villages in Chiang Mai. The majority of the villagers are Lue and Yong tribes. These craftsmen are experts in fabric weaving.  There is a saying that Yong women who do not know how to perfectly spin (Keb-Kao) and weave cannot get married. These Yong craftswomen have in their blood the traditional textile skills and delicacies, therefore produce top notch handicraft products with unique design inspired by nature and local culture.

One would say that since 1987, Bua Bhat Factory has been contributing to the local community by offering both full-time and freelance job opportunities to the skilled craftsmen. Both Bua Bhat Factory and the village have basically become part of each other. Together we learn, together we achieve. Bua Bhat Factory envisages to reach out its vision by creating a happiness organisation with an environment that everyone feels valued.  We also hope that our clients will experience the joy in each design. Whenever they use our products, they can feel the unique touch of Bua Bhat, ‘Made in Chiang Mai, Thailand’.