Mrs.Jansom Kawjing and Ms. Wasana Kawjing

Mrs.Jansom Kawjing and Ms. Wasana ( Kawjing ) Khunakul

Momma Chansom and me, Oyle both work here at Bua Bhat. Mom work here since 1989 when she was 39 years old. I was born in 1985. I have been coming here since I was a little. Every time school is off, I would be here keeping my mom’s company. I began sewing since I was 9 when mom brought home some extra work to do. She taught me how to sew after dad saw me playing with the machine. After that I started helping her out every time she brought home extra works. Dad also joined in. We had a happy family time.

I went to a university in Chiang Mai town, called Ratchapat, and work in Chiang Mai as a customer relation for 4 more years. Then I moved back here in 2010, because I want to be near my parents, and started working at Bua Bhat. Our family have very close tie with Bua Bhat. Dad used to work here for many years, and my brother also helped out with the construction every time. With a huge lawn and big trees, my nephews and the local kids come play here all the time. Bua Bhat has become like a second home for us.

I take care of all export customers, and also walk in customers at the showroom. Some time I help with packing too. Momma Chansome started as a weaver now she is a senior seamstress. She can also do various other task even fabrics dying. I can also do various type of handicarft work since I have had early practices. Our whole family is Yong.