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Support the eco-friendly products with Bua Bhat   
        The core mission of Bua Bhat Factory is to produce in an Eco-friendly manner. 
        Our raw materials are the byproducts support the production of items using a manufacturing process that is environmentally friendly, factory using scrap material from the factories to add value by creating unique designs ranging from Bua Bhat brand.
        In addition, the manufacturing process is environmentally friendly, such as most of the items are hand-made and thus save energy, maximize system performance, or dyed, dye color powder to floating in water, the dye fabric entirely until the water is clear.  Our waste water is rarely having residual color powder. It is easy to manage waste water. 
        In addition, we have all kinds of garbage tanks, are plastic, paper, glass, cans, when full, we sold them. 
        Beside, bio waste, fertilizer are use in the garden. Therefore, we hardly have a waste to get rid of. 
        We thank all customers who support Eco-friendly products with Bua Bhat.
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