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Mrs.Soypadh Intasom
          My name is Petch. I was born in 1964. My parents’ house is just 2-3 kilometers away from Bua Bhat. Of course I am Yong. I work here since I was 23 years old. It was the first year of Bua Bhat. Back then, Bua Bhat was a weaving factory. Not long after that I quite to enroll in a sewing school and then I got married. I have one daughter; she already graduated a bachelor degree, working in Bangkok. I came back to Bua Bhat in 1992 when my daughter was 3 years old going into Kindergarten. My job here is to cut and prepare fabrics for the seamstresses. I felt very responsible for my job, it is a very important part in the production process. Without me preparing fabrics in advance, the seamstress will have nothing to work on. I really enjoyed working here I have fun everyday. I really feel that I belong here.
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