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Bua Bhat Team
    Bua Bhat’s mission is to craft internationally acclaimed handmade home textile products with distinctive designs. Our philosophy is to create from waste,
upcycling left over fabrics and other materials into home decorative arts.

    Bua Bhat Factory is located in a peaceful “Kor-Sa-Leam” village in “Buakkang” district in Sankampeang, a well know handicraft area northeast of Chiang Mai,
Thailand. Two native tribes “Lue” and “Yong” make up the majority populations here. The “Yong” are naturally gifted in their craftsmanship skills, especially in
fabric weaving. There’s a saying in Yong that if a women does not know how to “KebKhao” (HARNESS-a very important process in fabric weaving) she cannot
yet be wed. Through a little training of work ethnics and discipline, these talented individuals became highly skilled workforce producing detail oriented, top
quality products. Inspired by nature and Lanna culture, our products display new perspectives and unique points of view.    
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        We have been creating jobs to the local community ever since we moved here in 1987, employing
           both full time workers and freelance housewives.Bua Bhat has become an important part of the
           local community just like how the community has become an essential part of us.  We work in a
           happy, unpretentious environment. We hope to convey our happiness in to our work and
           whenever  you use our product or think about us, you will feel a gentle breeze of Kor- Sa-Leam,
           a serene village in Chiang Mai. 

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